Kitchen Refurbishment in Horsham
How Our Carpenters, Joiners and Kitchen Fitters Can Improve Your Home

No two properties in Horsham are the same, be it their dimensions, décor or the wear and tear suffered over the years. As such, every refurbishment, renovation and extension project has its own unique qualities. The same applies to new builds too. For equally unique results, you can’t beat the quality of bespoke joinery and carpentry. From made-to-measure wardrobes to full kitchen refurbishments, the bespoke approach delivers the perfect fit, timeless appeal and a sleek, stylish aesthetic.

At Lowe’s Carpentry, we are a team of time-served, highly skilled joiners, carpenters and kitchen fitters. We primarily work with private homeowners, but we have significant experience of providing services for building companies too.

As such, you can rely on us for all bespoke joinery and carpentry in your home. Below, we have looked at how our team can improve some of the most important rooms in your Horsham house.

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How We Can Improve Your Home


Numerous studies have shown a correlation between mess and clutter in the home with stress and anxiety. If your bedroom has clothes strewn over furniture and the floor, or various products, appliances and accessories scattered here and there, your bedroom isn’t the peaceful sanctuary it should be. In turn, this can affect the quality of your sleep.

In this room, organisation is key. Fortunately, that’s one of the primary benefits of bespoke joinery and carpentry. Our team designs and crafts made-to-measure wardrobes that use every available inch. This not only maximises your storage potential, but it does so with unmatched style.

As a bespoke product, we customise the internal organisation to suit your wardrobes, giving all your clothing a tailor-made home.


Our kitchen fitters can transform the ‘heart of your home’ in any way you choose. Our kitchen refurbishments improve on the existing structure. Of course, this won’t alter the layout, but it allows you to focus your budget on premium aesthetic and functional improvements. By keeping the existing framework in place, these projects are also quicker than stripping everything out and starting from scratch.

However, if you do want to completely overhaul your kitchen and design a new one from the ground up, we perform a full fitting service too.

Kitchens have unique demands placed upon them. As the central hub of your Horsham home, they need to look great visually. But the busy environment, complete with heavy appliances, pots and pans, not to mention water and condensation, means these aesthetics must have inherent durability too. The superior materials we use for our bespoke joinery and carpentry deliver exactly this.

Much like made-to-measure wardrobes, we also find innovative storage solutions to keep worktops clutter-free.


Bathrooms hold just as much appeal as kitchens. This is why we’re not just kitchen fitters, but bathroom specialists too. As with kitchen refurbishments, our bathroom overhauls cover every requirement and budget.

We work closely with you from the outset to understand how you want your new bathroom to look and feel. Upon agreement, we schedule a date to start your project.

When at your Horsham property, we rip out your existing bathroom (to the extent needed) and carry out the agreed improvements. This usually includes installing a new bathroom suite and various fittings. As a specialist in made-to-measure wardrobes, Lowe’s Carpentry can also create bespoke storage solutions for towels, toiletries, cleaning products and more.

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Call 07917 156 429 to discuss bathroom, bedroom and kitchen refurbishments. We operate as carpenters, joiners and kitchen fitters in and around Horsham.

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