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From Kitchen Refurbishment to Wardrobes, How Joinery Differs from Carpentry

Are you in the market for a kitchen refurbishment? Or are you considering investing in made-to-measure wardrobes? If you’re looking to upgrade your home with handcrafted features, you’ve likely come across the terms ‘joinery’ and ‘carpentry’. Depending on the type of work you require at your Crawley home, you may have even seen some overlap with ‘kitchen fitter’. If you have any doubts about the specifics of these terms, it’s easy to become confused before your project has even started.

At Lowe’s Carpentry, we excel in all forms of bespoke joinery and carpentry. Our team shares over 30 years of industry experience. You can rely on us to deliver results of unrivalled quality. Of equal importance, we communicate clearly about our services, ensuring you have confidence at every step.

To get your job off on the right foot, we have looked below at how joinery differs from carpentry.

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Bespoke Joinery and Carpentry
What’s the Difference?

Carpenters and joiners are both trades within the construction industry. In the simplest and most traditional sense, a joiner ‘joins’ wood in a workshop, whereas a carpenter builds elements onsite.

For example, then, a joiner may produce timber products for your project offsite. Common examples include windows, doors, staircases and the structural frame for a new building. Once transported to your site in Crawley or the surrounding areas, a carpenter then erects the frame, including the integration of additional elements.

Naturally, there is a certain amount of overlap between the two trades. Our own company exemplifies this. We specialise in all aspects of bespoke joinery and carpentry. This skillset allows us to operate as a kitchen fitter too. With this expertise, we provide full project management for everything from kitchen refurbishments to made-to-measure wardrobes.

We should also clarify a common misconception about these two trades. There is a lingering belief that the difference between joiners and carpenters is that one uses nails, and the other doesn’t. This simply isn’t true.

Some of the most typical joinery and carpentry jobs include:


  • Making Doors
  • Making Window Frames
  • Building Staircases
  • Creating Fitted Furniture


  • Fitting Staircases
  • Fitting Floors
  • Fixing Window Frames
  • Installing Cupboards and Shelving

We’re Kitchen Fitters Too

The kitchen in your Crawley home has a timber skeleton. Because it consists of millimetre-precise elements fitted together to make a sturdy, functional whole, it’s little surprise that bespoke joinery and carpentry typically goes hand in hand with kitchen refurbishments and installations.

However, when choosing your kitchen fitter, it’s important to check that they have a proven track record in delivering kitchens of premium quality. At Lowe’s Carpentry, we have a varied portfolio in this respect, so you can rest assured; we can meet whatever needs you have.

Be it in the kitchen, installing made-to-measure wardrobes or working on any other bespoke feature, our team upholds our own demanding standards across every aspect of your project for its duration.

Call 07917 156 429 to discuss kitchen refurbishment, made-to-measure wardrobes or any other bespoke joinery and carpentry in Crawley.

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