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Are you planning to refurbish or renovate an existing property? Or are you undertaking an extension or new build project? Successful home improvement, development and construction work relies on multiple trades, but carpentry is chief among them. From integral structural elements to aesthetic and functional features, a skilled carpenter plays a key role in creating a safe, stable and comfortable environment. At Lowe’s Carpentry, we cover a full range of services, so you can rely on us for all your needs.

Based in Crawley, our company fulfils contracts in the surrounding Sussex and Surrey areas. Our key service locations include East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Horley, Horsham, Redhill and Reigate, to name a few.

The Importance of Superior Carpentry

Carpentry represents the skeleton of your property’s structure. The features we craft and install are the ones you see and use every day but tend not to think twice about. And that’s not even including the hidden structural elements. But without them, your home simply wouldn’t perform to the required standards.

In many respects, you project starts as a blank canvas. It is unique to you, so we adapt our approach to meet your needs, be they part of a refurbishment, extension, conversion or new build. Our carpentry services span an array of rooms and areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, floors, doorways, staircases, ceilings, panelling, moulding, roofs and framework.

No matter the nature of your own project, Lowe’s Carpentry operates with a meticulous attention to detail on every joint we fuse, ensuring a perfect finish time after time. Because we have a passion for what we do, the results we produce in Crawley, Horsham and the neighbouring areas have the inherent strength to last for generations. This minimises long-term repair costs (and associated disruption) as well as the need for premature replacement.

Our personnel are friendly, polite and easy to talk to, so we fit seamlessly into projects of any type and size. We communicate clearly and concisely with all other parties involved in your project, be it you as the homeowner or a designated project manager.

Our carpenters provide the following services:

  •  Structural Carpentry
  • Cut and Pitch Roofing
  • Truss Roofing
  • Replacing Doors
  • Replacing Architraves
  • Replacing Skirting
  • Window Boards
  • Timber Stud Work
  • Loft Conversions
  • Kitchen Refurbishments
  • Bathroom Refurbishments
  • Fitting Laminate Flooring
  • Fitting Real Wood Flooring
  • Installing Garden Decking
  • First-Fix Carpentry
  • Second-Fix Carpentry

Our in-house team specialises in all aspects of bespoke joinery and carpentry. While there is some overlap between these services, they are different. In short, our joiners craft (or ‘join’) products in our workshop before transporting them to your site for installation. Our carpenters work exclusively onsite, fixing these products.

For example, our joiners may manufacture the doors, windows, wardrobes and structural frame for a new property. Our carpenters then erect the frame and integrate the necessary features at your site.

Beautiful wooden flooring

We play our role in turning your plans into a reality, delivering impeccable, structurally sound results in line with the stated Schedule of Works.

Call 07917 156 429 to discuss your carpentry needs. Our company covers Crawley, Horsham and all surrounding areas.

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